The 2019-20 committee

  • President: Caryn
  • Secretary: Anna 
  • Treasurer: Botty 
  • Committee Parent: Naomi
  • Supporting officer: Hakan
  • Publicity and Design: Ivan
  • Staff support: Dr Elizabeth English
  • Mindfulness after Cam: Parastoo
  • Communications: Caryn, Naomi
  • Sponsorship Officer: TBC


Committee roles

If you want to be more involved, why not join the lively committee? Members can take on different roles and help the society grow.

If you're tempted, a great option is to first become a Supporting Officer. This grants you free entry to all events simply for committing in advance to attend a number of sessions. 

Plus, you get to spend more time with lovely, mindful people!

If you are interested, contact the university mindfulness practitioner Dr Elizabeth English at