CU Mindfulness Society

Mindfulness Meditation is a secular meditation practice that allows you to harness your natural human qualities of awareness and kindness to improve your quality of life, as well as that of those around you. Amongst students, the specific benefits of this practice that underlie its increasing popularity include reduced stress and improved concentration and productivity.

The Cambridge University Mindfulness Society was founded with the aim to help students to continue practicing mindfulness, or to discover it and learn it from scratch. The University of Cambridge is one of the first Universities worldwide to offer free mindfulness meditation courses to its students. The Mindfulness Society provides an exciting platform for any keen mindfulness meditators in Cambridge to form a community that will help them thrive in their practice. 

We offer weekly meditation sessions led by an experienced teacher. We also invite experts within the field, on topics spanning from neuroscience, lucid dreaming, Buddhist philosophy, empathic communication, and more – to come share their wisdom and inspiration with us. What is more, we also arrange lovely social activities such as mindful dinners, mindful music, and mindful walks. At least one session per term is devoted to taking your level of practice further, but all our sessions are welcoming to people with any level of experience.